We held two workshops in November 2016 and received a lot of very useful feedback. This feedback was considered by the design team and helped shape our initial designs for the Aylesham Centre, which were then presented to the community in July 2017. If you would like to see these designs, as well as a summary of the feedback received, please visit the July Feedback page

Outlined below is a summary of feedback we received in November 2016.


What do you love about Peckham?

Peckham’s a unique and exciting part of London. We wanted to know from people what in particular they liked about the area.

Some of the most frequent comments included:

  • The history and cultural heritage.
  • The people, social mix and diversity.
  • It is a distinctive place.
  • It is a vibrant area from early morning until late and there is a lot going on.


Why did you decide to attend the workshop?

People are interested in what happens with the Aylesham Centre site for a number of different reasons and it was important to explore this in more detail.

Some of the most frequent comments included:

  • Finding out what is happening to the businesses on the site.
  • Ensuring that there will be affordable housing on the site.
  • Finding out what the benefits of the proposals are.
  • Making sure that the developers listen to the community. 



Morrisons is a long-term tenant at the Aylesham Centre, we would like them to stay and continue trading throughout any redevelopment. A new Morrisons store will form a key part of the Aylesham Centre’s future, alongside a range of new retail spaces, from high street stores to smaller spaces.

We asked people to tell us what types of shops are most needed in Peckham? What shops would be good for the Aylesham Centre and why?

Some of the common themes that we heard were as follows:

  • It is important that Morrisons stays.
  • Peckham needs new shops and a greater variety of shops, such as men’s and women’s clothing, sports shops, stationers like WH Smiths, department stores like M&S, DIY shops, a flower shop, a book shop and a garden centre.
  • Peckham needs more restaurants, cafes and bars.
  • There are already enough fast food outlets, coffee shops, payday loan shops, nail bars, butchers, estate agents and pound shops in Peckham.
  • It is important to find the right balance between independent, local retailers and larger stores.


Business space

We are looking to include space in the proposals for small and medium-sized businesses. We want to understand what is already available and what else is needed.

Some of the common themes that we heard were as follows:

  • There needs to be more affordable space for artists.
  • There should be new business space in the town centre for digital businesses and artisans, not just artists.
  • It would be good to see new co-working space as this already works well in Peckham.
  • There should be work opportunities for local people.
  • If businesses leave Peckham, they won’t come back.


Community facilities and open space

We are looking at providing new spaces for the community within any redevelopment and are open to suggestions on what is needed or wanted. We don’t want to offer things that will not be well-used or that may compete with other facilities that are valued locally.

We asked what types of space are most needed? What would be suitable to include on the site and what ideas you had about this? Some of the most frequent answers included:

  • There should be space on the site for artistic creativity as this is what makes Peckham special.There should be a physical area given over to the community, for people to hire that will appeal to all ages.
  • There is a need for more youth facilities.
  • The site should include open, green space.
  • We don’t need any more gyms, but we do need wellbeing or exercise space.



The Peckham and Nunhead area needs to deliver around 2,000 homes to meet local housing needs by 2026 and Southwark Council have identified that around 1,500 of those homes will need to be built in Peckham town centre. The Council has consulted local people on these plans over recent years and further information about this can be found here.

The Aylesham Centre site is one of the largest development sites in Peckham. It is in a highly accessible town centre location and will therefore be expected to contribute to meeting this housing need. Further information on what the Council believes could be built on the site, which local people have been consulted on in the past, can be found here.

Any new homes are likely to be built over the shopping centre as we expect that most of the ground level will feature a range of retail, business and community spaces.

We will be providing a variety of different types and tenures of homes including private and affordable. New homes for market sale and rent will be needed to help finance the development.

Some of the most common feedback we received was as follows:

  • There is a need for more social or council housing in Peckham.
  • There is a need for a mix of homes including affordable homes for young people, council homes, family homes, flats to rent and homes for young professionals and key workers.
  • There is a need for hundreds of new homes in Peckham.
  • Tall buildings are a concern, as they will change the nature of Peckham, contribute to air pollution and could be ugly.
  • Buildings should be positioned so that they do not obstruct local views.


Transport and routes

We would like to understand how people use the bus stands and stops around the site as well as the parking at Morrisons. We also want to understand what new pedestrian and cycle routes people would want to see through the site.

Some of the most frequent comments that we heard were as follows:

  • New car parking should be underground.
  • The existing car park is busy, used by many and is popular as it is ‘free to park’. But a lot of people choose to walk, cycle or take a bus to get to the town centre.
  • Rye Lane should be pedestrianised so that there is traffic-free shopping.
  • There should be less cars on the roads, and more bikes and walking.
  • The masterplan should be integrated into the overall transport plans for the area, including new cycle routes and more pedestrianised areas.



As part of the workshops we ran a Question & Answer session to try and understand some of the key issues and concerns that people had about the Aylesham Centre site.

Set out below are our answers to the questions that were asked of us at the workshops in November. We will have updated answers to these questions after the July consultation events and will update this page then.

Design questions

Height and design of buildings:

  • How big/tall will the development be?
  • What will the tall building look like? Will it be a pinnacle?
  • Can it be all low rise not high rise like Elephant & Castle or Lewisham?
  • How will the new buildings work alongside the retained clock tower?

We are still early in the design process and we will be using the feedback from the workshops, as well as other consultation activities over the coming months, to help inform what the buildings on the site may look like.

In 2017 we expect to be able to share some initial images of what the buildings could look like. Southwark Council has suggested that a building of up to 20 storeys would be acceptable on the site.


Activities and uses to include on the site

  • Will you provide green space on the site?
  • Will you provide space for growing food?
  • What will be in there for children and young people?
  • What will be there for the night time economy?
  • How many homes will be on the site?
  • Will there be space for artists and creatives?

The design team gathered lots of useful feedback on what local people would like to see as part of any redevelopment of the Aylesham Centre. 

We are now considering how these activities and uses could be included within our proposals and we expect to have more information about this as part of the next round of consultation in the New Year.


Transport and infrastructure

  • How will public infrastructure (trains, buses, drains) cope?
  • Where will people who live there park?
  • Can you provide new cycle facilities on the site (eg. cycle hire)?
  • These are important points that the design team is starting to consider.

In terms of how public infrastructure will cope, we will need to complete a number of technical studies as part of a future planning application for the redevelopment of the Aylesham Centre. These technical reports will look at public transport capacity, drainage and other similar matters to ensure that these services are able to cope in future.

In terms of car parking, we are looking at providing underground parking for shoppers and possibly for people living on the site in future. We are early in the design process and so do not have the details for this yet, but we will before we submit a planning application.

Facilities for cyclists are important to us and we do expect to provide safe and secure cycle parking as well as ‘quiet’ routes through the site in future. We expect to have more details about this as part of the next round of consultation.


General design

  • Are you knocking down everything on the site?
  • Enclosed spaces or open streets?
  • How will this preserve the local character of Peckham?
  • Will you design out crime?
  • Can we reinstate the Victorian buildings that used to be here?

We are at an early stage in the design process and the feedback we have gathered so far at the workshops, as well as at further consultation events over the coming months, will feed into our initial designs for the site. 

Although our designs are at an early stage, we would like to open up the current inward-looking shopping centre by creating new streets and open spaces. We believe we can do this in a way that creates a safe and welcoming environment for local people at all times of the day, helping to prevent crime through thoughtful design.

We want to preserve the local character of Peckham and the workshops have contributed to our understanding of what people love about the area, and we will have more information about this over the coming months.

Consultation questions

  • How will you maximise involvement in this process?
  • Is this a box-ticking exercise? Is it real consultation?
  • Will our views be implemented?
  • How will this process be communicated?
  • How much consultation will there be?

Our workshops in November 2016 are just the start of the consultation process and we will have further consultation events, including further workshops as well as public exhibitions, before we submit a planning application.

We want to hear your views and the feedback we receive will help to influence the proposals that we bring forward. We will share how feedback from local communities has influenced our proposals at key stages during the consultation process.

We want to gather feedback from as wide a cross section of local communities as possible. In order to achieve this we do intend to organise ‘outreach’ events with local schools, charities and others. We will also be hosting further consultation events, including public exhibitions, which we will publicise widely through flyer drops, advertising and via our mailing list.

If you would like to sign up to receive information about future consultation events please use our contact form or email us at info@ayleshamcentrepeckham.co.uk.

Planning/programme/timescale questions

  • What is the timeframe for this development?
  • How much disruption will this cause during construction?
  • How will this link with other developments in the town centre?

We would like to submit a planning application in Summer 2017. Broadly speaking, if our application is approved we would aim to start construction in 2018. The completion date for the development will depend on the designs that emerge over the coming months.

We are a long way from starting construction, but this will of course be handled sensitively and in a considerate manner. Morrisons will need to continue trading throughout any redevelopment, therefore disruption will need to be kept to a minimum.

Commercial questions


About Tiger Developments Ltd

  • Who is the developer?

Tiger Developments Ltd is an experienced property developer which has established itself as a highly successful, and reputable property investment and development company both in the UK and continental Europe.


The future of Peckham

  • Why can’t you keep the centre as it is?
  • Can longstanding traders/retailers at the centre remain?
  • How will you ensure the diversity of Peckham is part of the development?

The Aylesham Centre is doing a good job at the moment, but it can offer a lot more to the area. The Council has already identified the site as one which holds a great deal of untapped potential, for example, there is a large area given over to car parking and there is a need to create more retail space in Peckham so that it can compete with other town centres.

We feel that there is a fantastic opportunity to create a better Morrisons store, introduce new shops, homes, public spaces and evening entertainment in a highly accessible and central part of the town centre. There is also an opportunity to open up the site to create new public spaces and pedestrian routes, which will help to connect different parts of the town centre together.

We are still early in the design process and we will be using the feedback from the workshops, as well as other consultation activities over the coming months, to inform what the site may look like in future.


Types of homes

  • Can you provide genuine affordable housing that is set to local income levels?
  • Will you hit the Council’s target for providing affordable housing?
  • Are you building Council flats?
  • How much will the homes for sale cost?

Affordable housing will form part of any new homes built on the site.

Southwark Council’s target is for developments such as this to include a mix of affordable and private housing to accommodate a range of incomes. The Council’s target is for 35% of all new homes in major developments to be affordable. Our designs are at a very early stage, but our aim is to provide a policy compliant scheme, subject to financial viability.

The type of affordable housing to be built will depend upon future discussions with Southwark Council and the Greater London Authority. 



  • Will there be jobs for local people?

Yes, new jobs, training opportunities and apprenticeships for local people will be an important part of any redevelopment of the Aylesham Centre.